Vaydor is a Matthew McEntegart design, developed to deliver the exotic car experience without the exotic car price. Premier Motorworkz applies its expertise in restoration and custom automotive applications to the Vaydor platform and delivers completely finished, ready to turn the key and drive Vaydors to customers around the world.

Both the buying experience and the car are tailored to the customer. Contact us today to schedule a facility visit, answer any questions you may have, or to get your Vaydor build underway.


Vaydor is currently available in 2 models: Coupe (hardtop) and Roadster (removable convertible top).





There are a number of engine options available to power your Vaydor that range from 300hp to approx 1000hp.

Option 1:  Infinity VQE - Naturally Aspirated (remanufactured) 3.5L V6 - approx 300hp, 3yr./36,000 mile warranty 

Option 2:  Infinity VQE Twin Turbo - Twin Turbo kit added to (remanufactured) 3.5L V6 - approx 450hp, 3yr./36,000 mile warranty

Option 3:  Built Infinity VQE Twin Turbo - Upgraded Twin Turbo package with forged internals, upgraded camshafts, ECU tune and more added to (remanufactured) 3.5L V6 - approx 650hp

Option 4:  GM LS3 - Naturally Aspirated (new) 6,2L V8 - approx 435hp, 3yr/ 50,000 mile warranty

Option 5:  GM LS3 Twin Turbo - Twin Turbo kit, upgraded cam, ECU tune added to (new) 6.2L V8 - approx 600-800hp (dependent upon tuning package), 3yr/ 50,000 mile warranty

Option 6:  Built GM LS3 Twin Turbo - Twin Turbo package with forged internals, upgraded cam, ECU tune and more added to (new) 6.2L V8 - approx 800-1000hp

Option 7:  GM LT1 - Naturally Aspirated (new) 6.2L V8 - approx 460hp, 3yr/ 50,000 mile warranty

Option 8:  GM LT4 (Corvette Z06 motor) - Supercharged (new) 6.2L V8 - approx 650hp, 3yr/ 50,000 mile warranty


Both Manual and Automatic Transmissions choices are available and included as part of your build. Paddle Shifter upgrade is available on either transmission set up.


Suspension / Brakes: 

The suspension set up utilizes a full adjustable Coil Over Kit with
heavy duty sway bars. Adaptive coil over and Air Ride setups are
available options. A 13' front/ 12' rear Big Brake Kits comes standard or
upgrade to a 16' front/ 14' rear setup to give you the added stopping power.
Brake kits from Brembo, Wilwood and Stop Tech are available.











Rims / Tires:

Pirelli P-zero tires cover 22x9.5 (front) and 22x13 (rear)
Amani Forged rims. There are several rim styles to
choose from, and rim colors can be customized as
part of your build process.













Premier Motorworkz uses high quality House of Kolor paint materials.
HOK's complete kolor catalog is available for you to select the
perfect paint color for your Vaydor:




















Trim Packages: 

Trim components come painted as part of your build, however, additional options such as hydro-coating and cut carbon-fiber are available to add that personal touch.


Your Vaydor cockpit will be finished in high quality leather, suede, wood, and carbon composites complementing the exterior color palette.

Audio / Video:

To complement the quality interior components, your Vaydor comes with a Alpine double-din AV unit with Navigation, mid/high separate door speakers, 10' sub, and integrated amp. For those concerned with blind spots or the paparazzi, front and rear cameras are an available add-on.



Insurance packages are available for U.S. based customers.

All powertrain options can be serviced by any Infinity or GM certified
service provider, and with the exception of the "built" options, carry
powertrain warranties. Engine/ Powertrain parts can be sourced by any
Infinity or GM parts sourcer.

Additional service support can be provided by Premier Motorworkz Customer
Service Department and coordinated with your local service center.







If you have questions about the build process or available options, don't hesitate to contact us:

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Interested in spec'ing out your own custom Vaydor, click on the image to visit our "Build A Vaydor" Workshop: