'53 Buick Roadmaster Skylark Convertible Restoration

Created to mark Buick's 50th Anniversary, the Roadmaster Skylark joined the Oldsmobile 98 Fiesta and Cadillac Series 62 Eldorado as top-of-the-line, limited production specialty convertibles.  The 1,690 Sklylarks were handmade in many respects with only the stampings for the hood, trunk lid, and a portion of the convertible tub being shared with the Roadmaster and Super convertibles.


This project is a complete restoration back to original specs.  It will entail a complete dis-assembly and rebuild of every component on the car.

Dis-assembly has been completed.  The chassis has been sand blasted and power-coated semi-gloss black.


The body has been completely dis-assembled.....


Sandblasted and epoxy premiered:


Paint/ Trim:
Discussions are underway to decide paint color.  All stainless steel and chrome components have been dis-assembled and sent off for re-plating.


Engine/ Powertrain:
The powerplant is a four-barrel-fed 322-cid V-8 (188hp).  The motor will be re-built and the fuel system upgraded to utilize modern, unleaded fuel.


Wheels/ Tires:
Wheels will be sent to Dayton Wire Wheels and receive new stainless steel spokes.  The hoops will be re-chromed and built back to factory specs.


The interior will be completely dis-assembled and restored back to factory specs.  Fabric components will be re-sewn using OEM style leather and sewn back to factory specs.   Dash, steering column, gauges, radio, buttons and trim pieces will be re-furbished back to factory specs.