'64 International Scout

International Harvester created the Scout to compete with the only 4x4 in the marketplace at the time, the Jeep CJ.  IH originally planned for the body components to be made out of plastic, however, during the design phase, the Goodyear Plastic Engineering Group that was going to provide the panels was closed.  A decision was made by IH Executives to convert the body panels to steel.  While more rugged, use of the steel has been the focus of this build as our techs have literally cut most of the original metal away and fabricated new pieces due to havoc that rust has done to the vehicle over the years.

The '64 Scout is owned by Chad Givens and looked really good coming in the door:

However, once we got a closer look, it was evident the Scout's days were numbered due to an abundance of rust and corrosion.  All said, we probably removed and custom fabricated 70% of the original metal on this vehicle.


The majority of this build has been focused on the body.  It was necessary to remove and replace most of the original metal to save the truck.

Below are some examples of the the work.

All wheel well metal has been removed and replaced.

Original inside wheel well metal before:

and replaced:

Original outside wheel well metal before:

and replaced:

The entire original floor of the truck has been removed and replaced.

Original rear floor removed:

 and replaced:

Original transmission clearance panels removed:

and replaced:

Original front floor replacement:

and diamond plating added...


Now that the rust issue is addressed, work has begun on the body.

For some cool factor, we custom made some door brackets so the doors can be removed for summer fun.

*more pictures coming*


The original frame housed the original International 3-speed, 2.5L, 4 cylinder powerplant.  The owner added Dana 44 front and rear axels and larger wheels resulting in a fantastic look, but a severe decrease in performance.  A big part of this build was to replace the frame with a late model Scout frame built to house a 304 cubic inch, 5.0L V8.  We acquired a frame from a 69' Scout and removed all unnecessary components and brackets, reinforced the frame with box tubing, and re-welded any welds that needed attention. 

After repairs and re-enforcement, the frame was sandblasted:

And powder-coated OEM black.

Axles, differential, and all suspension components were removed and will be powder-coated prior to assembly.

Engine / Powertrain:
As stated above, the original 2.5L, 4 cylinder will be replaced with a 304 cubic inch, 5.0L V8.

Original 4 cylinder motor & trans:

More pics coming as we reach that phase of the build.


Brakes / Rims / Tires:
Original rear drum brakes were replaced with upgraded disc brakes.  Calipers will be powder-coated prior to fitting.


Discussions continue on paint color.  In the meantime, we are getting the body prep'd for paint.

Here Jon was able to pick off the old paint:


Modifications to the interior are still being finalized.

Seats will be re-upholstered as part of the build.

Pics will be posted when we arrive at that phase.


Stay tuned.